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Bandit’s Etrex J-Mount Review

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23rd Jan 2019
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23rd Jan 2019

by Gary Franks

Using his decades of off road, Dakar and Roof of Africa racing experience, the legendary Darryl Curtis worked closely with Sarel van der Walt of African Stuff to design and manufacture the Etrex J-Mount. Sarel has more years of experience in working with GPS technology than just about anyone else in SA, and has been looking after tracking at the Roof for the last few years.

The J-Mount was designed to hold 2 Garmin Etrex gps’s securely and safely on your handlebars, with no tools, pins or screws to fit the gps units. The mount is made from flexible silicone and also serves as a bar pad.

Fitting the J-Mount requires just 3 cable ties and is a job that takes all of 2 minutes. For those who use the odometer, you can still see it with the mount fitted.

Fitting the Etrex into the J-Mount is such a pleasure and this is really where the product becomes a must-have item! The process is much like fitting a cell phone into a cover or pouch, and it really holds it very securely. The rubbery silicon also absorbs shock and ensures that the GPS remains totally vibration-free – so less chance of it switching itself off as has been known to happen in other mountings.

If you only use 1 Etrex, you will most likely find the 2nd space very useful, but a single unit mount is soon to be released. You could cut the mount in half but it will lose some of the stability. What does fit perfectly into the 2nd space is a tracking unit which is something riders will be using more and more in future events.

The weight of the J-Mount did concern me a little before I fitted it – I’m paranoid about not adding any weight to my bike … no radiator braces/ fan/ disc guards etc – but the absolute pleasure it makes using a GPS more than justifies adding this bit of weight. What a great product – I love it!

You can now order your J-Mount from Enduro World – the retail prices are: Double J-Mount – R960. Incl. VAT and Single J-Mount R620. Incl.VAT. Please email to place your orders OR you can order from our online Store.