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COVID-19 Documents

Michelin EWXC #4 – 3rd October 2020 – Heidelberg
3rd Oct 2020

Covid-19 Check point documents:  

  • Screening to take place as you enter the venue (At the gate). Please download the fill in the 2 x documents needed.  Download the forms below:
    1. Compliance Register – Rider and all in car with you to fill in – 1 per car (- click below to download)                                                                          Compliance Register Covid-19
    2. Self Assessment Screening Questions – Rider only to fill in – click below to download.                                                                                       Self_Assessment_Screening_Questions
  • Only online entries and payments allowed – Therefore please make sure that you do your entry, payment and license (Womza) all on or before 1st October 2020.
  • All Covid protocols must be followed at all times; (Masks, Social Distancing, Hand sanitizer)
  • Riders Briefing will be YouTube Video – and will be posted closer to the time.  This will also play on a loud speaker on the morning of the event.
  • Documentation will be done at the gate – this will be collecting your envelope.
  • Race Control Tag checking will be done at the Timing Gazebo – there might be a Que so please stand 1.5 m apart and please wear your masks.

Womza Covid-19 safety protocol document – Safety Protocols for Covid-19 (Please read through this documents)

Enduro World is now offering a club membership and Womza license for the remainder of 2020 at a SPECIAL, very low price of R400.  Click HERE to apply.




Safety Protocols for Covid-19

1.Temperature Screening at Entrance for EVERYONE.  (Temp must be below 37.5)

2.Wear your mask at all times (Except riders who have helmets on)

3.Wash hands or use Hand Sanitizer at entrance, food stalls, toilets, vendors, etc.

4.Social Distance of 1.5 meters must be adhered to at ALL times. (Pits must be set up 1.5m       apart)

5.Day entries are not allowed – no day entries and no Womza license’s will be issued on the day.

6.Maximum of 3 x team members per competitor.  No spectators allowed.

7.No social gathering – no prize giving will take place on the day.  Race, pack up, go home.

8.Documentation to take place at the gate (Envelopes, Tags, etc).