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Michelin Enduro World Time Trial Challenge – Heidelberg 4×4

Michelin Enduro World TT – Aug 2021 – Results Page
8th Aug 2021
Time Trial Challenge – HB Results
21st Sep 2021


Imagine Racing with zero bottlenecks, zero dust, on the date/ time of your choice, with your choice of pit position, for half the cost and no license is required! Sounds great, well Enduro World presents their Time Trial Challenge which offers just that.


This is a timed challenge is taking place over the next month at Heidelberg 4×4 Enduro Track.  Starting on Saturday the 25th September at 08h00 and ending on Sunday evening the 24th October at 18h00.

So How Will It Work?

Our “Time Trial” will take place at Heidelberg 4×4 Enduro Track, on whatever day suits you, between 8am on Saturday 25th September and will end on Sunday 24th October at 18h00.

There will be a loop set out of about 12 kilometers, it will be marked, but we HIGHLY recommend the use of a GPS to make sure you stay on the right route.

You will NOT be required to complete any set amount of laps but the rider with the fastest time, per class who has entered and paid, WINS! – The great part is that you have 30 days to complete and can do as many laps as you wish, therefore you get a chance to better your time.

Every lap you do within the 30 day period will be recorded by Strava and the best time will be used to determine your position. The results will be updated and displayed on our website once a week but you can also check the results on Strava.

Since it will be your fastest time that counts, it doesn’t matter when you ride or how many laps you do just as long as you conform to the exact route.

The Nitty Gritty Stuff…..

  • Sign up and register on the Enduro World website.
  • Register on Strava
  • Join the Strava Enduro World club
  • Click on the Strava Segment for this event:
  • Get a device to track your time. You will need to ride with either a smartphone, a gps watch, or something that can track your time and position and that works with Strava.
  • You must set your exercise to public NOT private.
  • As this is not an official race there will be no racing license will be required.
  • When TT Competitors arrive at Wolwekloof Enduro Track they will receive a competitors sticker and will only pay R80. per day to ride there.

NB!! Remember to start your Strava device at the starting point. You must set the activity to RIDE. it is a good idea to let your phone or watch “soak in” the gps signal for about a minute before you start riding. 

Get out there and ride! Please remember that your total time will be from start to finish, so if you stop for a break that will be included in your time. Strava will record and submit your “Total Time” meaning that if you stop for a breather this will count towards your lap time. We cannot change this.

Please note that Strava starts recording your exercise time as soon as you press start. However, the segment time only starts once you are past the start board and ends at the end board but your exercise time carries on until you press stop. It’s the segment time that we take, not the total exercise time.  Please make sure you pass the start and the finish boards in order for your time to be recorded.

Once your times are recorded by Strava we (Enduro World) cannot change the recorded times.

Remember to stop your Strava ride after the endpoint and once you finish your lap/s and upload the data to Strava.

Enduro World will then publish the leader boards once a week on our website.  Click HERE to view the results page.  

At the end of the time trial (after 30 days) the official winning leaders will be announced.

The entry fee for individual entry into the Michelin Enduro World Time Trial Challenge is R350. per time trial. If you are a member of the Enduro World Club you will receive a discount on each entry, the entry fee will only be R320. per time trial. The entry fee at Wolwekloof will be R80. per rider/per day.

When doing your online entry please note that Our TT has the same classes as our EWXC, which are as follows:


  • Pro Elite – Sponsored & very advanced riders on any size enduro bike (Gold or upper Silver Roof level).
  • Pro B – Advanced riders on any size enduro bike – Silver or upper Bronze Roof level.
  • Senior Pro – Sponsored and advanced riders turning 36years old in this race year.
  • Masters – Sponsored and advanced riders turning 46years old in this race year.
  • High school – Advanced teenage riders from 13 years up to and including 18 years old on bikes up to 200cc two stroke/ 250cc four stroke/ 250 Freeride.

Other Classes:     


  • Silver A – For stronger intermediate riders, capable of finishing Bronze Roof.
  • Silver B – For intermediate riders.
  • Club – For the not-so-serious club riders with between 1 and 2 years’ experience who just want to have some fun.
  • Pro Mini – For the faster/ advanced youngsters between 12 and 15 yrs. old on bikes up to 85cc two stroke/ 150cc four stroke; riding the full track.

When booking online you will please need to do one booking per rider to ensure that we get all the relevant details per rider.

Enter now by simply filling in the below entry form – once your entry is complete you will receive an email with payment details. Please make payment and send the proof to – Once your payment is received your will receive the GPS track via email. Please note that if your payment is not received then we will not record your lap times.

Our banking details are as follows:

Enduro World Events, Products & Reviews (PTY) Ltd

Bank                 : First National Bank (FNB)
Account Type   : Business Account
Account No.      : 628 3313 7145
Branch Code     : 255 355
Reference          : Your name and event (EG: Denise Forsyth TT HB)

You can also make payment via PayFast – on our website – or Zapper – click on the link to go to the payment options page – PAYMENT PAGE!

Thank you – good luck. Enjoy your ride!

Google Maps Link to Heidelberg –


Bookings are closed for this event.