EWXC Series 2022 - Enduroworld
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Although we had a challenging year, we still had fantastic support from our riders for our EWXC series and we would like to say Thank you to our family of riders who supported us in our Michelin EWXC series for 2021 . We are looking forward to an even better 2022 and we cannot wait to see all our riders, pit crew and families at the event in 2022.

Michelin EWXC Series 2021 dates

Date Venue  
29th January 2022 EWXC# 1 – TBA Race Control
26th February 2022 EWXC# 2 – TBA Race Control
26th March 2022 EWXC# 3 – TBA Race Control
28th May 2022 EWXC#4 – TBA Race Control
2022 Championship EWXC 2022 Championship Results 2022 EWXC – Championship Points FINAL

Over the last 14 years the Enduro World Cross Country (EWXC) Series has grown to become one of South Africa’s top off road/enduro motorcycle Series. With 13 classes catering from 6 year old future champs right up to top professional sponsored riders, EWXC racing offers far more competitiveness for every one of the 250 riders (Average per race) who compete in each round.

Some pictures from the EWXC race series