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What is Mountain Madalas?

We offer you the best Enduro routes in the best places possible with the most magnificent views – NO racing, NO pressure, just good fun with friends and the whole family.  License required? YES – Mountain Madalas series for 2022, we have decided to go through Womza for this event.  Therefore, you will need a Madalas /Womza license.  This license will be offered to our riders at a much lower cost than the normal yearly license, the cost of this yearly Madalas / Womza license will be R220. For the year.   However if you apply for the usual Club Membership and Womza Year license you will be able to use this to enter the Madalas series.
Enduro World will be brining you, our family of riders, six Mountain Madalas events, as well as one Mega Mountain Madalas for 2022. 

Details of the ride:

Friday Afternoon Ride – BOOKING is ESSENTIAL – This will be similar to the blue route of Saturday.  Riders MUST do registration first and have their stickers on their bikes in order to be allowed to do the Friday ride. 

Saturday – we will have 3 routes that our riders can choice from but are not limited to:

– Green (easy) loop – (GPS) + 10 – 15 kms , this is for the kids, ladies and beginners who would  like a little bit more of a challenge.

– Blue Main normal Madalas loop – (GPS) about + 25-35 kms. This is lovely flowing riding with a  few river crossings, rolling hills and amazing scenery.

– Red (Exteme) loop – (GPS) about + 25-35 kms which is aimed at our roof riders who want a real challenge.

You will receive points per lap that you do and your total points for the day will represent the finishers medal that you receive.

NOTE: GPS required – route NOT marked 

Mountain Madalas Series 2022

Date Venue Register
#1  – 12th February 2022 Clarens – Maderia Farm Passed
#2 – 30th April 2022 Northern Drakensberg – Bergville (Near Tower of Pizza) Enter Now
#3 – 25th June 2022 TBA Enter Now
#4 – 23rd July 2022 TBA Enter Now
#5 – 20th August 2022 TBA Enter Now
# 6 – 24th September 2022 TBA Enter Now
Mega Madalas – 28th & 29th Oct 2022 TBA Enter Now