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I hereby acknowledge that by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, I agree to the following terms :

ENDURO WORLD CLUB, ENDURO WORLD MAGAZINE or any associate company or person/s its MEMBERS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES, ASSISTANTS, RACE OFFICIALS or Representatives, as well as the MANAGEMENT, EMPLOYEES, ASSISTANTS & or OWNERS and LESSEES of the PROPERTY & surrounding areas & properties where the vehicles are ridden or participating, or whilst being a spectator or attending / visiting whether under supervision or non-supervised. I and my dependants accordingly absolve the hold free of any legal liability; Enduro World Club, their OWNERS, EMPLOYEES, and OFFICIALS, the MANAGEMENT, EMPLOYEES, ASSISTANTS & or OWNERS and LESSEES of the PROPERTY from any injury – fatal or otherwise – sustained by myself/ourselves/spouse/family members/friends or persons and dependents in my/our care of any loss or damage to property in my/our possession or any loss of whatever kind that may be sustained during competition or practice run and, insofar as I/we make use of or drive any vehicle, motorcycle, kart or quad of which I/we am/are not the owner, and warrant that I/we have the owner’s permission to drive/ride such a vehicle, motorcycle, kart or quad and am duly authorized on behalf of the owner to furnish the indemnities given or whilst attending any event or while the said vehicle is on any road or are forming part of the track or route, or any deviation there from or any approach by whatever means such damage, injury or less may be caused, and even though that same may be contributed to or be caused by the wilful act, neglect or default of any official, agent, servant or representative of Enduro World Club, Enduro World or any promoter, organizer, guarantor or sponsor of the competition, or the owner(s) of the property on which the competition is held or LESSEES any government, provincial, or municipal body.