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If you are part of the support crew for one of the riders in this year’s Motul Roof of Africa, we have some great news for you. Tracking solution specialists JustTRAC and Smart Satellite Services provider Twoobii have joined forces to provide the technology necessary to live-track any rider, no matter where in the Maluti Mountains of Lesotho they may be.

Twoobii offers ‘off-grid’ satellite broadband connectivity across Africa.

The terrain in Lesotho isn’t just challenging to traverse; it’s also a notoriously difficult area in which to get reception via conventional networks. That means that as a support team member, you may well struggle to know exactly where your rider is.

This optional extra private service means that with a JustTRAC tracking device attached to their Enduro bike, or included in their kit, riders can focus on the route knowing that their every move can be easily monitored.

The JT300 battery-operated personal GPS tracker has been engineered to meet the specific needs of off-road event participants. Intuitively easy to use, it offers a two-day battery life, unlimited coverage and an SOS alert function.

During the Motul Roof of Africa, the connectivity for JustTRAC devices will be provided by Twoobii’s Always-on Anywhere VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) service. The Twoobii trailer will be stationed at Thaba Bosiu, HQ and start/finish for the race, and a mobile unit will be positioned at the DSP each day. This means that support crew members in the mountains will be able to follow the progress of their rider and prepare food, fuel, spares or a pep talk in advance of his or her arrival.

Twoobii mobile trailer set-up at outdoor events where connectivity can be an issue.

“I’m just as passionate about off-road riding as I am about telco solutions,” commented Dawie de Wet, Group CEO of Q-KON, the leading satellite engineering enterprise behind Twoobii Smart Satellite Services. “Both VSAT and the Roof involve technology and human ingenuity coming together to overcome the challenge of topography, and I’m thrilled that, together with JustTRAC, we can help make the Roof safer for riders and more enjoyable for fans. As a loyal supporter of the Mother of Hard Enduro I’ll be following our JustTRAC riders through the internet app for the duration of the event,” he added.

For more information and rental options about rider tracking solutions visit: https://justtrac.co.za/ and to discover how Twoobii’s Smart Satellite Services can offer satellite broadband for your connectivity needs, please visit: https://twoobii.com/