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27th Jun 2018

Michelin EWXC Rnd 3 2018

16th May 2018

XRamp – Helmet and Boot Holders

Easy to install.    All black powder coated – R295. per set To order contact: Marthin Mackillican  – XRAMP PTY Ltd. C: 079 449 6002   E-mail:
17th Mar 2018

Michelin EWXC Rnd 2 – Heidelberg

22nd Feb 2018

Bandit’s Etrex J-Mount Review

Bandit’s Etrex J-Mount Review by Gary Franks Using his decades of off road, Dakar and Roof of Africa racing experience, the legendary Darryl Curtis worked closely with […]
24th Jan 2018

Let’s get OUR Kirsten to Dakar 2020 and support her to the finish!

#FIRSTAFRICANWOMANDAKAR2020 Wasn’t it awesome being a part of and helping get Joey Evans to the Dakar?Now let’s all get together and help get everyone’s favourite Supergirl, Kirsten […]
3rd Nov 2017

2018 Enduro World Club and Womza License applications

Dear Enduro World Club Members As we approach the end of 2017, we would like to thank you for your valued support during the year and […]
2nd Nov 2017

Techni Talk – Roof Preparation

There are several good reasons why your bike should be perfectly prepped for the Roof. Probably the most important is that a mechanical failure deep in […]
12th Sep 2017

Technitalk – Replacing your radiator

Radiators are fragile things. If you ride long enough, at some stage you’re going to damage one, either in a crash, or by running a stick […]
18th Aug 2017

TechniTalk – Jetting your two stroke

An incorrectly jetted bike will display some of the following faults: Uncertain starting, uncertain idling, poor running under load, high fuel consumption, a big, dangerous step […]
2nd Aug 2017

Technitalk – Replacing your KTM starter motor

After KTM introduced starter motors onto their two strokes, it wasn’t long before problems emerged. Starter motor brushes wore out, the starter motor shaft gear wore […]
19th Jul 2017

Technitalk – Air filter maintenance

Air filter maintenance (By Andy Hanmer) One of the kindest things you can do for your dirt bike is to be absolutely meticulous about maintaining your […]
10th Nov 2016


The Strap-in-a-Pouch that’s there when you Need it most In extreme events nowadays there are always seriously tough passes where a little help from helpful spectators […]