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23rd Jan 2019
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4th Feb 2019

Medical Aid Kit


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The Enduro World medical aid kit contains all the required first aid components for as per the standard racing regulations:

1 x Dressing (150 mm x 200 mm)

1 x Dressing (50mm x 75mm)

1 x Triangular Bandage (Arm Sling)

1 x Crepe Bandage (75mm x 4.5m)

5 x Cotton Swabs (75mm x 75mm)

6 x Round Closure Strips

4 x Plasters

2 x Burn Shield Sachets

1 x Emergency Rescue Blanket (Thermal)

2 x pairs of Surgical Gloves

1 x Surgical Mask

1 x “OK” Medical Board

We no longer supply any pain killers so please ensure that you add your own.

The size of the Black Medical Aid pouch is as follows:

L: 210mm x W: 120mm x H: 40mm




Chunky Red, Flat pack